Bissell PowerGlide Pet with Lift-Off, 2763 Review

BISSELL-PowerGlide-Pet-Bagless-Upright-Vacuum-with-Lift-Off-TechnologyThe Bissell PowerGlide Lift- Off Technology, 2763 is a very simple and powerful vacuum cleaner for stairs, carpets, upholstery, hard floors. If you looking for the best vacuum for stairs that is easy to use on stairs and provides powerful suction to pick up dirt, pet hair, and allergens,  the Bissell PowerGlide lift-off technology is the best option for you.This is an all-rounder vacuum cleaner that cleans your overall home like bare floors, stairs, furniture’s, walls or any hard to reach areas.




Perfect for Whom?

Bissell PowerGlide has been made for people who looking for clean pet hair and dirt from stairs, carpets, and bare floors.

Bissell PowerGlide Lift- Off, 2763 Features,  and Benefits: 


Lift- Off Technology

best vacuum for stairsThe great feature of the Bissell PowerGlide is Lift-Off technology. It gives a strong cleaning experience for making any places spotless with ease. The easy-release portable vacuum helps to do efficiently clean on stairs and furniture. Just push a button to release the portable vacuum and carry it to stairs or any hard to reach areas with the handle using the long reach hose to vacuum with the other hand.


Multi-Surface Cleaning

The Bissell PowerGlide has one important feature- an on/off switch for the brush roll. When you need to change the place of carpets to hard floors surfaces, just turn the brush roll switch off and do the scatter free cleaning.

Pet TurboEraser Tool

best vacuum for stairsPets love to move whole house, that’s why you will find pet hairs in your stairs, carpets, upholstery and even walls. The TurboEraser tool is an essential tool for lifting dust and pet hair from the carpets and stairs. It has a powerful, rotating paddle type bristles that specially designed to attract pet hair.


Strong Suction

The Bissell PowerGlide maintains strong suction using multi-cyclonic separation that keeps large debris in the tank, not your filters. This strong suction technology provides you perfect clean a home.


Swivel Steering

best vacuum for stairsThis portable cleaner allows you to move around the home and stairs for perfect clean dust, dirt and pet hair. Using this swivel steering enables you to maneuver around furniture and obstacles very ease. This feature makes it very easy to take wherever you need to clean.



Multi-Level Filtration

The  Bissell PowerGlide offers multi-level filtration system which helps to decrease allergens in the air. If any member of your family has a sensitivity to allergens, this vacuum is perfect for you. This system makes your home overall comfortable.




  • Powerful suction for lasting performance
  • Perfect for pet hair
  • Lift-off features to carry anywhere where you need
  • Filters are washable
  • Excellent performance on stairs and carpets
  • Easy to turn the vacuum cleaner


  • Short hose limits its reach
  • Slightly heavy


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Real Customer Review of Bissell PowerGlide

Great vacuum with very strong suction: We have 3 dogs and 2 cats and this works great. I think it’s the best sucking vacuum I’ve used.

Really works well!: This is one great vacuum. It is light and easily maneuvered around corners. It cleans right up to the baseboard and works really well on bare floors too. The lift off is very easy to use, making the cleaning of stairs an easy task. Handles cat hair nicely, and the canister empties very easily with just one clasp to release it. Plenty of cord lets you get a long way through your home before having to switch plugs.

The best suction on any vacuum I have owned:  Best suction on any vacuum I have owned. Picks up pet hair very well. Love the lift off feature for the stairs.

This vacuum is excellent. It is very easy to maneuver and picks …: This vacuum is excellent. It is very easy to maneuver and picks up pet hair easily. I would definitely recommend it.

Great!: So far this vacuum is fantastic. PERFECT for pet hair, I never knew how gross my carpet was because my old vacuum wasn’t designed for pet hair. Absolutely love it.


Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)

 Q. Does this vacuum cleaner have multi-surface cleaning ability?

A. Yes, This vacuum cleaner has the ability to clean soft surface to hard surface. It easily goes from bare floors to carpets.

 Q. Are the filters of this cleaner is washable?

A. Yes, it’s washable. Simply you can remove these filters and wash them in the sink.

Q. How long is power cord of this vacuum cleaner?

A. The power cord of this cleaner is 27 feet long.


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Final Opinion

This vacuum cleaner is a great choice for people who live in a house that has hard floors, carpets and also best who have pets. Pets don’t stay in one place and love to shed all over your floors, furniture, and stairs. In this stage, The BISSELL PowerGlide is an excellent option for you. Overall cleaning performance, easily maintains capacity and price make this vacuum as a top-ranked vacuum cleaner for the entire house.






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