Best corded vacuum for stairs- Guide and Review

Are you searching the best corded vacuum for stairs that is handheld, small size, portable any hard to reach areas and very efficient cleaning performance to clean different surfaces in the home? A corded handheld vacuum cleaner is used to clean your overall home like carpets, stairs, furniture, bare floors, and cars.

There is a wide area of a range of options when choosing perfect type of corded vacuum cleaner for your home. With over so many brands of corded vacuum cleaners that are available for purchase, making the perfect selection of best-corded vacuum can be difficult.

This writing helps you to find best-corded vacuum cleaner for clean your home that is designed with ease of use and top level cleaning performance. Below we discuss some of the best models that are proved too high cleaning performance.

Things To Consider Before Buying Corded Vacuum Cleaner

Lightweight and Portable

A lightweight and portable cleaner that allows you to move any hard to reach areas and move very easy up and down the steps. Extra reach system helps you to carry it simply and clean your stairs, carpets, furniture, and cars.

Strong Suction

Strong suction is an important consideration of any vacuum cleaner. This suction power helps to find dirt, debris from your hard floors, stairs, furniture’s and suck it perfectly.

Multi-Surface Cleaning Ability

A perfect vacuum cleaner has the ability to clean different surface like hard floors, carpets. An on/off switch for brush roll allows you to go carpet to the hard floor just flip a switch. This multi-surface cleaning ability makes a vacuum cleaner all round cleaning performer.

Powerful Attachments and Accessories

Some vacuum cleaners come with extra attachments and accessories like dusting brush, pet power brush, stair tool, upholstery tool, crevice tool, stain tool etc. These attachments and accessories help you to clean different surfaces like hard floors, carpeted or non-carpeted stairs, furniture and cars etc.

Swivel Steering

Some vacuum cleaners allow you to move around the home and stairs for perfect clean dirt, dust and pet hair. Swivel steering enables you to maneuver around furniture, and obstacles very easy. This is an important consideration for any vacuum cleaner.

Filtration System

A washable filter is very important besides efficient cleaning dirt and debris from your home. The quickly washable filter is the first choice of the maximum consumer because it saves your time.

Other considerations

  • Extra long power cord is an advantage
  • Less noise is another consideration
  • Durability is another important consideration




best vacuum for stairs

The Shark Rocket is a handheld vacuum cleaner that cleans your overall home very efficiently. Its weighs less than 8 pounds with powerful performance, easy to maneuver around and easy to carry any hard to reach areas.

It features a powerful suction that ensures to clean dust and pet hair from your carpets, hard floors and furniture. It comes with advanced swivel steering that allows you to maneuver around the furniture and obstacles very ease.

This vacuum has some important attachments including a crevice tool, a pet/upholstery tool, a TruePet motorized brush, dust-away floor attachment. The pet/upholstery tool can be used for cleaning pet hair from upholstery, curtains or bed sheets, pillows, and cushions. TruePet motorized brush to use for removing pet hair from stairs and upholstery. A crevice tool for removing tight spots. Dust-Away floor attachment removes big crumbs and debris from hard surfaces. This vacuum ensures total removal dirt and pet hair from your overall home.


Highlighted Feature

Swivel steering for easier maneuvering

Versatile performance- efficient cleaning from floor to ceiling

Lightweight and portable vacuum

Removable twice capacity dust cup

Great designed for remove pet hair.



  1. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum (NV356E) 

Shark Lift-Away

The Shark Navigator is an upright vacuum that offers to clean efficiently your overall home. This lightweight and portable canister have a lift-Away feature that you can simply carry using the hose and clean areas which are hard to reach like corners, stairs. It features a great suction power that ensures to remove dirt and pet hair from your carpets, floors, and stairs.

It comes with some powerful additional tools that can be used to clean pet hair from your home. The pet power brush used to clean carpeted stairs. The dust away attachment provides excellent performance for cleaning non-carpeted stairs, bare floors. This vacuum uses anti-allergens HEPA filter that traps up almost 100% allergens from your home.


Highlighted Feature

Lightweight and portable canister.

Powerful no loss suction

Swivel steering for easier maneuvering.

Use anti-allergen complete seal HEPA filtration that helps fight against allergy.

Extra large capacity bagless dust cup.



  1. Bissell PowerGlide with Pet Lift-Off, 2763

best vacuum for stairs

The Bissell PowerGlide 2763, is a very powerful and portable vacuum cleaner that cleans your entire homes like hard floors, carpets, stairs, and furniture. It gives strong suction using the multi-cyclonic system for efficient clean your home.

The great feature of this vacuum is Lift-Off technology that gives strong cleaning experience for making any places spotless with ease. The easy-release portable vacuum efficiently cleans on stairs and furniture. It has an on/off switch for the brush roll for cleaning multi-surfaces like carpets and hard floors.

This vacuum has a powerful Pet TurboEraser tool for lifting dust and pet hair from carpets, stairs, upholstery, and even walls.

The Bissell PowerGlide offers multi-level filtration system which helps to decrease allergens on the air. If any member of your family has a sensitivity to allergens, this vacuum is perfect for you.


Highlighted Feature

Great suction for lasting performance

Great for clean pet hair

Swivel steering for easier maneuvering

Excellent performance on stairs and carpets

Multi-level filtration for preventing allergens.



  1. Hoover Platinum Bagged

Hoover Platinum

The Hoover Platinum is lightweight and a portable vacuum cleaner that allows you to efficient cleaning both carpeted and non-carpeted stairs. This vacuum featuring their patented Wind Tunnel technology with direct airflow that ensures to clean more dust from your carpets.

It’s easy to move down stair to up stair or from room to room for smooth cleaning. It also uses a HEPA bag that traps up to 99.97% dirt and pollens for better indoor air quality. This HEPA bag prevents dust puffs from escaping while changing the bag.

It also comes with some additional tools like the crevice tool, dusting brush, telescopic wand, and hard floor attachment. These tools ensure to clean your carpets and hard floors.

This vacuum is performing to efficiently clean your overall home from floor to ceiling.


Highlighted Feature

Direct air flow and Wind Tunnel technology ensure cleaning perfection

Lightweight and Maneuverable

Use HEPA bag that prevents allergens

Powerful suction and deep cleaning ability on carpet

Controls that turn on the machine can be found on the handle



  1. Eureka RapidClean Step

Eureka rapidclean

The Eureka RapidClean Step is a super lightweight and portable vacuum that was specially designed for stairs. This vacuum should be the first choice for anyone who looking for the best vacuum for stairs.

It is capable of cleaning both carpeted or non-carpeted stairs, and move easily any difficult to reach areas like stairs, corners.

An on/off brush roll feature for cleaning multi-surface. The brush roll off and bare floor brush that flips down to easily clean non-carpeted stairs and other hard surfaces. Flip the bare floor brush up and turn on the brush roll to deep clean carpet based stairs and upholstery.

It also comes with easy roll wheels to protect hard floor surfaces make a smooth cleaning performance. This vacuum has a clean covered bagless dust container that is washable and shows how much dirt has been stored and when need to empty. This lightweight vacuum would be a great cleaning performer of your overall home.


Highlighted Feature

Multi-surface cleaning ability

Lightweight handheld vacuum for stairs, floors, and upholstery.

Bagless washable filter

Great suction – excellent for carpets and hard floors.



Final opinion

You can use to clean any portion of the home because these vacuums are portable, lightweight and ability to clean different surfaces like carpets and hard floors. Their strong suction quick picks up dirt and pet hair from your stairs, upholstery, floors and carpets. These vacuum cleaners would be the best corded vacuum for stairs.

So if you are looking to buy a high-quality best handheld vacuum, check the above models and get the best one for you.








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