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5 Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

Carpets are the most important parts that increase the beauty of living room, office and stairs etc. But you know that, carpet cleaning system is not so easy. Carpet cleaning can be very difficult if you are not following proper methods. There are many considerations that you should consider when cleaning your carpet.  Here are top five cleaning mistakes you should avoid when cleaning your carpet.

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1. To Clean up the Spill:

Spilling on carpets is a very common case. Don’t neglect to clean the stain. If not clean, these stains could become destroy your carpet. When spill liquid, immediately try to stopping the spread with a dry towel. If the spill is acidic, it could even cast down at the carpet fibers. The best way to face with a stain is to remove excess solids and then gently stain the liquids up, before using a proper cleaning product to meet the specific stain.

2. Using the wrong cleaning products:

There are a lot of cleaning materials in the market. You should use these products before read labels carefully. Don’t use any strong chemicals that damage the texture of carpet. Use only soft cleaning chemicals and view the changes. Don’t use huge water during cleaning and always blot the area dry with a dry towel or paper.

3. Over Scrubbing:

When removing the dreaded stain out of your carpet, we make excess scrubbing. These excessive scrubbing with chemicals could make your carpet fade faster which causes permanent damage. The best way to remove a stain by scraping up with a spoon and them blot the stain with a dry towel. After the wetness is absorbed, just use a stain remover.

4. Using Deodorizing Powder:

Everybody wants the carpets and rugs to see beautiful and fresh. We make common mistakes that using deodorizing powder to clean the spills. Deodorizing powder is perfect to remove unwanted odors from your carpets. Deodorizing powders aren’t suitable for spills, it is perfect to use after the stain is removed.  You make sure that don’t use the powder too frequent because vacuum aren’t strong enough remove the powder from the carpet fibers and as a result, this can build up in the carpet fibers.

best vacuum cleaner for stairs

5. A Full Vacuum:

Regular proper vacuuming is essential to ensure your carpets neat and clean. When you start vacuuming, ensure your dirtbag or bin is empty. If the bag is full, it reduces the suction power of vacuum cleaners and provides a poor cleaning performance. If your stair is carpeted, you need to the best vacuum cleaner for stairs. Perfect vacuuming enhances the beauty of your carpets and long-lasting.


Final Words: If we avoid these mistakes during cleaning carpets, it will increase the beauty of your entire home. Proper cleaning techniques and initial plan save your carpets.





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